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Synthesis Effect with Dr. John McGrail

Dr. John McGrail discusses his new book, The Synthesis Effect: Your Direct Path to Personal Power and Transformation. He begins by defining “synthesis” as bringing different ingredients together to create a stronger whole. His process helps people create change physically, emotionally and spiritually by helping them identify the causes of difficult issues. Understanding the cause of issues like addiction, phobias, chronic stress and anxiety can help lead to the development and use of tools to deal with them.

Dr. McGrail describes how he incorporates hypnosis, which is a natural state of consciousness, which creates a receptive state of mind, when we are more open to suggestions. Hypnosis helps us bypass the natural resistance we have to changes in our lives. He also discusses how we create our own reality. Quantum physics shows that the energy of our thoughts has an effect upon our environment. How we think, feel and behave has an effect on what we attract back into our lives.

He also discusses the difference between being ‘at effect’ when a person feels like they have no control, vs being “at cause” when we accept responsibility for what happens and choose how to respond. For more information please visit and

Listen: Synthesis Effect with Dr. John McGrail

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Energy Healing for Self-Care with Ann Marie Chiasson, MD

Ann Marie Chiasson, MD is author of Energy Healing: The Essentials of Self-Care. In her work, Dr. Chiasson incorporates integrative family medicine along with hands-on healing and other techniques that change, stimulate, add or shift the underlying energy associated with the disease process. She begins by defining energy medicine as an ancient system present in many healing modalities. Our energy body lies beneath our physical body. Energy therapy can be used to help prevent disease as well as to enhance healing. It’s particularly helpful for chronic illness, which can be harder to heal with conventional Western medicine. Dr. Chiasson describes how she lived with chronic pain for many years. She needed to use both conventional and energy medicine before her pain disappeared so her own experience helped inform her of the benefits of integrative medicine.

An important benefit of energy work is that it fosters relaxation, which enhances the healing process. Dr. Chiasson shares specific energy healing techniques that are particularly good for self-care. She then discusses other techniques that can be used for recovery from illnesses like breast cancer. Sacred touch is described as reverent way to treat both oneself and others. For more information please visit and

Listen: Energy Healing for Self-Care with Ann Marie Chiasson, MD

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Confident Introvert with Lynette Crane

Lynette Crane discusses her new book, The Confident Introvert: Gain Skills to Overcome Shyness and Low Self Esteem. As the survivor of a heart attack, Lynette has become an expert on reducing stress. So she begins by discussing the connection between stress and introversion. She now is committed to helping others increase their self esteem as an introvert. She begins by discussing the difference between extroverts and introverts. For example, extroverts need outside stimulation while introverts are drained by too much stimulation. Introverts are often compared unfavorably with extroverts so feel something is wrong, then withdraw. Parents can help their introverted children by recognizing that their child needs to withdraw and do quieter activities to “recharge their battery.” They should never call a child “shy” because it’s an embarrassing label.

Lynette shares some of the many positive qualities of introverts, including their ability to listen well, think deeply, and many introverts become very effective and creative leaders. She describes self esteem, in part, as self-efficacy, the confidence of knowing that you will find the solution to a problem. Lynette also shares helpful tips from her “Confident Introvert Program”, including ones that help both introverts and extroverts understand each other. For example, introverts can learn how to ask questions and encourage others to talk about themselves. She also gives advice for effectively managing introverted employees. Extroverts need to understand that introverts need time to think before answering a question, so it’s helpful to provide an agenda to prepare for upcoming meetings. For more information, please visit

Listen: Confident Introvert with Lynette Crane

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Awaken Your AgePotential with Lori Campbell

Lori Campbell is a “visionary gerontologist” and author of Awaken Your AgePotential: Exploring Chosen Paths of Thrivers. She has created a plan for a “new vision for aging” which is about living abundantly, no matter what our age is. Her book describes how to thrive as we grow older, and includes profiles of 10 people who are great role models for living fully. She provides examples of ways to age well, including mindfulness and being attentive to how we are living and our attitude. Reframing can also be helpful, along with journalling and affirmations. Her suggestions for aging well are empowering and easy. To learn more, please visit

Listen: Awaken Your Age Potential with Lori Campbell

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Becoming a Daring Adventurer with DonnaLyn Giegerich

DonnaLyn Giegerich is an award-winning integrated business and wellness spokesleader, a stage four cancer thriver, plus a loving partner to a husband who is also a cancer thriver. She begins by describing her very rare sarcoma, a soft tissue cancer that often is not curable. She has been cancer-free for many years and now dedicates her life to serving others including children and others with cancer. Shortly after her own recovery, her husband was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. This experience of being a dual cancer couple has resulted in the couple becoming “daring adventurers.” She now teaches yoga and meditation and she and her husband have started a nonprofit that sends people with cancer on a cruise, called “Kick Cancer Overboard.”

DonnaLyn’s belief that her cancer might have “happened for a reason,” has redirected her volunteer efforts towards helping people living with serious illnesses. She discusses some of the holistic therapies that have helped her and her husband heal, including gentle yoga, meditation, deep breathing and visualization. Her deep faith has enabled her to “embrace death” and motivated her to become trained as a “death doula,” who are like “midwives for the soul.”

DonnaLyn says it’s important to honor our bodies and building our immune systems by “nutrifying our bodies” with healthy food. She shares her philosophy of “service instead of self”, which motivates her to reach out to others. She then discusses how to deal with the fear, despair and sadness and grief, all normal aspects of living with the stress of serious illnesses. Living in abundance, gratitude and with cancer all has helped her become more clear about what her purpose is in life. Tune in to find out how to nominate a cancer patient for the free cruise. For more information, please visit or

Listen: Becoming a Daring Adventurer with DonnaLyn Giegerich

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Secret Alchemy of Food with Meadow Linn

Meadow Linn co-authored The Mystic Cookbook: The Secret Alchemy of Food with her mother, bestselling author and healer, Denise Linn. Meadow was inspired to create her cookbook after seeing the transformations that occurred during healing retreats that included healthy and delicious meals. Her nontraditional cookbook differs because in addition to her original recipes, it contains information about living well through the way we approach our meals, including by making them memorable. She includes activities that help people become “mystic chefs” including activities like how to make our kitchens and dining rooms sacred spaces. We identify closely with these areas as the “heart of our homes” so it’s important to clear the clutter so she explains how to do this with a bell.

Spiritual alchemy is about recognizing the emotions, memories, energy and other dimensions of food that affect us besides the taste and nutritional value. For example, she advocates cooking without a microwave if possible because it’s healthier. There are various ways to energize food including saying prayers over our meals, which is something cultures around the world often do. Saying prayers enables us to slow down and connect with both our food and others. Research shows that doing this can even change the structure of our food. Mindful eating is another way that can transform our relationship with our food. Meadow shares some ideas for making hospitality loving and sacred for our guests. For more information, please visit and

Listen: Secret Alchemy of Food with Meadow Linn

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Change Your Mind, Change Your Body with Dr. Kathy L. Gruver

Kathy L. Gruver, PhD, author of The Alternative Medicine Cabinet, shares information from her latest book, Body Mind Therapies for the Bodyworker. She begins by describing her journey towards a career in holistic health, from becoming a massage therapist to obtaining her doctorate in traditional naturopathy. She found that listening to her patients’ stories provided insights into their medical issues. She then discusses some of the mind/body therapies she finds to be especially effective. For example, affirmations can help us stay healthy during flu season and also in dealing with issues like insomnia. An effective affirmation for helping to prevent the flu, rather than saying I”m not getting sick”, is to say “I’m healthy and well. My immune system is strong and resilient.”

For good brain health, the brain can’t tell the difference between reality and fantasy, so we need to control our response to stress. Certain supplements can also keep us healthy, including vitamin and minerals including calcium, magnesium, vitamin C and D3, Zinc, natural antibiotics, and various homeopathic remedies.

Dr. Gruver discusses the benefits and how to do an “elimination diet,” one of the best ways to determine food allergies and sensitivities. For more information, please visit

Listen: Change Your Mind, Change Your Body with Dr. Kathy L. Gruver

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Making Change Stick with Dr. Joe Dispenza

“Brain change expert” Dr. Joe Dispenza discusses topics from his latest book, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself: How To Lose Your Mind and Create a New One. His work helps enable us to make measurable changes in many aspects of our lives. This week’s conversation is particularly helpful for anyone who has made New Year’s resolutions and wants to make them stick. Did you know that 90% of our thoughts are the same thoughts we had the day before? So the same thoughts lead to same beliefs, emotions, behaviors and thoughts which create our personalities and effect how we think, act and feel. To create a new personal reality, we need to create a new personality so we can create different behaviors, thoughts and self. When we do this, our brain reorganizes itself to allow changes.

Dr. Dispenza discuss neuroplasticity and how to make new pathways in our brains, which happens when we make changes. When we learn something new, we make new connections in brain, because every new thought, experience, dream and choice contributes to physical changes in our brains. Tune in to learn the seven tools for implementing changes and how meditation can help fulfill your intentions. For more information, please visit

Listen: Making Change Stick with Dr. Joe Dispenza

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Pathways to Joy: Living a Resilient Life with Henry Emmons, MD

Dr. Henry Emmons discusses his latest book, The Chemistry of Joy Workbook: Overcoming Depression Using the Best of Brain Science, Nutrition, and the Psychology of Mindfulness. Pathways to Joy integrates the most effective approaches to align body, mind and heart toward the goal of living a more joyful and resilient life. Dr. Emmons shares some of the latest information on nutrition and brain science, along with the wisdom and guided practices from the Psychology of Mindfulness. He begins by briefly summarizing the nine pathways to becoming more resilient and joyful. They are built around the Body (“nurturing”, “balancing” and “flowing”), the Mind (“settling”, “opening” and “knowing”) and Heart (“connecting”, ”belonging” and “deepening”).

Regarding the Body, Dr. Emmons discusses the connection between blood sugar, inflammation, insulin imbalance and depression. If your body suffers from inflammation, so does your brain. Diet is a huge factor in reducing inflammation. He then explains the difference between food allergies and sensitivities, which can be discovered by doing an elimination program. A key aspect of being resilient is Mindfulness, which is universally helpful for most conditions. Dr. Emmons shares some of his favorite mindfulness exercises. Another important aspect is social connection, which is helpful not only for physical and emotional health but also helps develop new brain cells.

Dr. Emmons gives some tips for how we can choose joy in our daily lives, including by changing our perception and cultivating the ability to see good things around us. Doing so opens us to experiencing the joy that others are experiencing around us. Cultivating awareness and doing heart-based practices helps change our inner states, fostering healing and changing our mood and relationship with ourselves as well as others.

For more information, including about upcoming workshops based on The Chemistry of Joy Workbook, please visit

Listen: Pathways to Joy Living a Resilient Life with Henry Emmons, MD

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Living an Inspired Life with Chris Pattay and Jon Satin

Chris Pattay and Jon Satin are “The Possibility Coaches” who are positive change experts and authors of Living an Inspired, Empowered and Joy-Filled Life: 365 Tips to Get You There. They are also “emotional healers” who go beyond traditional coaching to break down emotional barriers that block growth for individuals. Chris and Jon empower people to live their lives authentically to the core of their being. When we aren’t authentic, we aren’t living our life’s purpose or fulfilling our destinies. Both guests share their own stories of feeling abandoned rather than loved and how that affects their lives. After going through their own transformations, they now help others transform their lives. A difficult past, rather than being an obstacle to growth, can lead to a stronger desire to empower themselves. Dysfunction can make us more open to make changes leading to personal growth. One obstacle to growth is not sharing our gifts with the world. A coach can help us develop a different perspectives and discover what our gifts are.

They share some tips from their book, for being inspired, empowered and joy-filled. For example, “Believe in others today even if they don’t believe in themselves. Empower someone today by believing in them.” It’s so important to surround yourself with uplifting people, rather than being isolated. Being in nature enables us to find more joy and is also healing. Another tip is to be sure your actions are in alignment with your beliefs in order to be authentic and find more joy in life.

Tune in to hear more tips about creating the life you are meant to live! For more information please visit and

Listen: Living an Inspired Life with Chris Pattay and Jon Satin

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