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Raising Ourselves to Next Level Living with Dr. Andrew Thorn

Our guest, Dr. Andrew Thorn, discusses his latest book, U-wun-ge-lay-ma: A Guide To Next Level Living. The book invites you to ponder your path to perfection. It is based on the ideas that growth is more powerful than change, behaviors are more important than competencies and questions are more valuable than answers. Dr. Thorn is an executive coach who provides behavioral based leadership strategies to individuals who are seeking to bring their personal and professional responsibilities into full harmony. In this week’s interview, he first explains the reason for the intriguing title of his book, which comes from an African fable. He uses the title to set up a metaphor for the personal leadership concepts discussed in his book. He discusses the importance of envisioning the second half of life, but finds that even very successful people need help with facing the transitions of mid life. Midlife is often when we ask ourselves, “Is this all there really is?” and the quest to find purpose and meaning becomes even more important. Dr. Thorn also shares some of the key factors in leading a fulfilling life. For example, he defines purpose as “who do I want to be?” rather than “what do I do?” So rather than being defined by what we do, ask instead, “who do I want to be now, before I die?”

Midlife also is a time of reflecting upon our legacy, once we determine what it is. Dr. Thorn believes the purpose of life is to learn and grow from our experiences. We learn and grow the most in the face of adversity. For more information, please visit

Listen: Raising Ourselves to Next Level Living with Dr. Andrew Thorn

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Practical Weight Management with Dr. Adeyemi Fatoki

Dr. Adeyemi Fatoki Is a bariatric physician and author of The Fatoki Protocol: It’s All About the 1/3, 6 Protocols That Can Help You Live Healthy, Lose Weight and Keep it off…for Life! Dr. Fatoki begins by describing some of the risks of being overweight and obese. Many foods including sugar and certain processed foods have addictive properties making them even harder to resist. There is a relationship between food and mood because of the serotonin released when we eat certain foods. In his book, the 1/3 refers to equal amounts of protein, carbohydrates, and vegetables that should be included on our plates. His plan includes unlimited amount of healthy fats. Dr. Fatoki explains his perspective regarding what the bible says about food and how it relates to his food plan: whatever God created as natural food should be what we eat rather than any processed foods. He also summarizes his practical weight management program as a way of living. Dr. Fatoki summarizes some surprising misconceptions about healthy eating. For more information please visit and

Listen: Practical Weight Management with Dr. Adeyemi Fatoki

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Go the Extra Mile with Shawn Anderson

Shawn Anderson is a best-selling author, national speaker and motivational coach, an author of six books and founder of Extra Mile America. This week we discuss his latest book, A Better Life: An Inspiring Story about Starting Over. Shawn is committed to helping others live a more positive and purposeful mission. The Extra Mile America Tour, founded in 2009, when he biked 4000 miles from coast to coast and identified certain individuals as going the extra mile in their own lives. He shares some of the stories of the most memorable people. Shawn discusses several techniques and a four-step process for “going the extra mile” and becoming as successful as possible. He also gives suggestions for how we can help others be successful.

For more information please visit

Listen: Go the Extra Mile with Shawn Anderson

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Transcending Dementia With Linda Levine Madori, PhD

With the baby-boomer generation caring from elderly parents and becoming seniors themselves, knowing how to prevent or helping someone with dementia is more important than ever. Linda Levine Madori, PhD provides guidance during this conversation about her new book, Transcending Dementia Through the TTAP Method: A New Psychological Approach to Art, Brain and Cognition. For the past thirty years Dr. Levine Madori has worked in the field of Health Care as a therapist, teacher, advisor, researcher, supervisor and innovator of new psychological approach to art, brain and cognition with regard to well aging and specifically those afflicted with Alzheimer’s Disease. Her book is based on extensive research showing how her TTAP method helps enhance brain health. For example, when we use both sides of our brain and focus on positive emotions, we can stimulate the hippocampus and help ward off Alzheimer’s Disease. Storytelling is important way to help foster positive emotions. Her TTAP method is a 12 step process that includes meditation, music, painting and sculpting, storytelling, movement, using food and themes as events, photo sharing, drama/ use of props, and asking for feedback.

She discusses how storytelling, for example, can lead to a conversation about themes (birthday, holiday, etc) or an object that will evoke pleasant memories from a person’s past. Thus, rich language is shared plus the listener can followup with other questions about what was remembered. Engaging in art is significant because it stimulates both the left and right parts of the brain. Social connection is also vital for anyone with cognitive impairment. She gives invaluable tools and techniques, including meditation and other holistic techniques to engage and build the self esteem for people living with dementia. Benefits offered by the TTAP method include enhanced self esteem, engaging different parts of the brain, improved social interaction, mood and memory. For more information, please visit http:/

Listen: Transcending Dementia With Linda Levine Madori, PhD

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Transforming Together Into Higher Consciousness with Michele Rae

Michele Rae, a transformational coach at The Center Within, begins by giving her favorite definition of “higher consciousness” as a huge interconnected field and web of which we are all part of. It also is about increasing awareness, intention and attentiveness. Our awareness enables us to notice and make meaning of various aspects of our lives. Awareness is the first step of becoming more in tune with consciousness, followed by intention and being responsive to what we observe in our inner and outer worlds.

As our awareness grows, we have access to higher levels of knowing including intuition and synchronicity. Benefits of increasing consciousness include a greater ability to serve others, live more fully, using our gifts and strengths and increasing feelings of abundance and gratitude. Michele discusses ways to become more open to these and other experiences via transformative practices including meditation, a HeartMath technique, journalling, loving kindness, mindfulness, body practices and more. It’s also important to find a community of “like-minded seekers” who support our intentions and awareness.

On December 21, Michele and several other holistic professionals will conduct a workshop in Minneapolis on developing higher levels of consciousness: Transforming Together: Awakening to Higher Consciousness. For more information please visit

Listen: Transforming Together Into Higher Consciousness with Michele Rae

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Understanding the Mayan Messages With Don Miguel Ruiz

Don Miguel Ruiz is the bestselling author of numerous books including The Four Agreements. He describes an upcoming trip called the Great Awakening to celebrate the upcoming end of the Mayan calendar. He then discusses his response to his own health crisis when told he would likely die from a bad heart. Receiving a new heart was a transformational experience for him. He explains his journey of becoming a shaman after a career as a surgeon.

He stresses the importance of a positive attitude which impacts his vision for humanity. Learn about the wisdom of Don Miguel’s Toltec tradition and some of the messages he will share about the Mayan wisdom. For more information please visit

Listen: Understanding the Mayan Messages With Don Miguel Ruiz

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Using EFT to Deal With Food Cravings with Laurie Phillips

Coach Laurie Phillips begins by describiing EFT as a combination of acupressure and self-hypnosis. It is a management tool that is an effective technique for dealing with various types of stressors. It can help us deal with underlying issues including negative feelings and beliefs. Often there is a thought or message that determines how we think and believe about ourselves, including the belief that we are not good enough. Many people turn to food to cope with stress, pain, and anxiety.

Laurie explains how EFT helps us deal with food cravings. During the second half of the show, Laurie demonstrates EFT by working with host Mary Treacy O’Keefe to use for one of her specific food cravings. For more information including about her classes, please visit The website also includes an video and diagram to explain EFT further.

Listen: Using EFT to Deal With Food Cravings with Laurie Phillips

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Writing a Meaningful Healthcare Directive with Anne Denny

Anne Denny, the author of My Voice, My Choice: A Practical Guide for Writing a Meaningful Health Directive, shares information that is invaluable for anyone who wants to make their end of life plans or help a family member do so. She wants to change how people prepare for the end of life. Anne begins by discussing her personal experience of having a mother live with Alzheimer’s Disease for 20 years. The experience of having family members not agree upon her care motivated Anne to create web-based tools to prepare for the end of life. She shares information from her book about including what a healthcare directive is, why it’s important to create one and what needs to be included in a thorough healthcare directive. Her book also includes specific tools for writing the directive. For more information, please visit

Listen: Writing a Meaningful Healthcare Directive with Anne Denny

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Secrets, Tips and Tricks of a Powerful Memory with Barry Reitman

Barry Reitman has discovered the Memory Shock system which is discussed in his new book, SECRETS, TIPS and TRICKS of a POWERFUL MEMORY: The Memory ShockTM. His system involves picturing things in a shocking way to remember just about anything. He discusses techniques like how to remember names and faces. He has a two word system, using “focus” and “pictures.” One tip is to create a mental picture, along with a story, of what you are trying to remember, especially names and faces. For more information please visit www.

Listen: Secrets, Tips and Tricks of a Powerful Memory with Barry Reitman

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Handling Stress During the Holidays with Kristen K. Brown

Kristen K. Brown is the award-winning author of The Happy Hour Effect: 12 Secrets to Minimize Stress and Maximize Life. Kristen first explains the importance of reducing stress because of the damaging effect it has on our bodies. She knows this from personal experience, having tragically lost her husband when he was just 31 years old. With a young daughter and a challenging job, Kristen experienced extreme stress so became determined to learn how to reduce it for herself and others. She shares a few of the 12 ‘secrets’ for minimizing stress, including “life mapping” and “sleep and sex for less stress.”

Kristen also shares specific ideas for coping with the busyness of the holiday season and increasing joy instead of being so stressed. For example, giving experiential gifts instead of material ones creates more happiness for both giver and receiver. For more information, please visit .

Listen: Handling Stress During the Holidays with Kristen K. Brown

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