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Hope, Healing and WellBeing Show – Dealing with the Fear of Cancer Recurrence with Kathy LaTour

Fear of cancer recurrence is among the most commonly reported problems and one of the most prevalent areas of unmet needs for cancer survivors. Elevated levels of this fear can cause considerable disruption in social functioning and affect well-being and quality of life, according to research at the National Institutes of Health.With increasing proportions of patients diagnosed with cancer becoming long-term survivors, cancer rehabilitation and survivorship programs must consider offering guidance regarding coping with this fear. This week’s guest, Kathy LaTour, is a two-time cancer survivor, author of The Breast Cancer Companion, performer, award-winning faculty member in Corporate Communications & Public Affairs at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas as well as editor of CURE Magazine.
Kathy discusses some of the biggest hurdles facing cancer survivors once treatment has ended, including the fear of recurrence and how that fear manifests itself. She also talks about the impact of fear on caregivers and how family and friends can help someone living with cancer. For more information about Kathy, please visit her website:

PLEASE NOTE: Well Within, a nonprofit holistic wellness center near St. Paul, is excited to have Kathy LaTour present on Fear of Recurrence at their Becoming Well Within Conference for Cancer Survivors and Those Who Love Them on September 27, 2014. For more details about this inspiring, educational and fun event, please visit Well Within’s website here:

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Hope, Healing and WellBeing Show – Detoxing and Dealing with Seasonal Allergies with Dr. Susan Smith Jones

Holistic health expert Dr. Susan Smith Jones discusses the value of doing seasonal detoxes plus how to protect yourself from fall allergies and avoiding illness in
general this fall. Dr. Susan hasn’t been sick in 27 years and has never taken any medication. She is the founder and president of Health Unlimited, a consulting
firm dedicated to optimal wellness, health education and human potential, a frequent radio and TV talk show guest, and motivational speaker. She’s also the author
of more than 25 books, including “Recipes for Health Bliss”, “The Joy Factor”, “Walking on Air: Your 30-Day Inside” and “Out Rejuvenation Makeover”.

Dr. Susan suggests two ‘superfood supplements,” Hawaiian Spirulina & Astaxanthin to build a strong immune system, reduce inflammation and help with a variety of health issues including weight loss. She also shares how to get these useful supplements at a discounted price.

For more information, please visit

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Hope, Healing and Well Being Show – 50 Energetic Prayers With Kate Hellmers

Kate Hellmers has worked with scientists, executives, students, people in the entertainment industry, and other professionals in the Ionth Energy (“I-on-th” – the physical energy and subtle energy – around our bodies – combined) and many more. She has been able to bring her years of working in the corporate world (for years using energetic techniques), and combine that knowledge with the incredible information available from scientists about the energy of the human body with how to read the new/shifted energy we are experiencing and put it into an understandable form.

We discuss her book, 50 Energetic Prayers: Use Your Voice and Energy to Transform Your Life.
The book is a compact inspirational guide for people to discover the use of their voice and energy to transform their lives. In addition to containing 50 prayers from a variety of religious and spiritual traditions, it includes various affirmations and techniques that reveal a method that enhances intuition in such a way that it accelerates the spiritual connection within oneself.

For more information, please visit

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Hope, Healing and WellBeing Show– Honoring Missed Motherhood with Kani Comstock

Kani Comstock was training as a research scientist when she first experienced missed motherhood. Her life then took a different course. She has lived and worked in Japan, traveled widely especially in the Pacific region, designed cultural and educational exchange programs, developed and directed four organizations including the Hoffman Institute, and wrote a prior book, Journey into Love, Ten Steps to Wholeness. For the last few decades, Kani has been a Hoffman Process Teacher and Coach.

According to Kani, the absence of a child or loss of a pregnancy is a void and, frequently, a profound loss experienced as a failure, a shame, something that needs to be fixed or hidden, even when it is a choice. Often there is no acknowledgment, no rituals, no celebration, even no words. It has no name or category. The pain, loneliness and awkwardness can be unimaginable until it happens to you. Based on available statistics, it appears that as many as 75% of women in America have had or will have one or more experiences of missed motherhood at some time in their lives, whether or not they ever have a child.

In her new book, Honoring Missed Motherhood:Loss, Choice and Creativity, Kani discusses five categories of “missed motherhood,” the times in a woman’s life when she is not a mother, by chance or by choice: 1. Inability to conceive a child that is wanted, 2. End of pregnancy, wanted or not, 3. Birthing a child and placing it for adoption, 4. Missing the opportunity to conceive, childless by chance, 5. Choosing not to have children, to be childfree. Many women have experienced more than one of the categories.

Kari discusses these different types of loss, and the difficulty of responding to people who inquire about a woman doesn’t have children. She shares ideas for dealing with the loss, including through rituals, expression, including discussing feelings in sharing circles.

For more information, please visit

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Hope, Healing and WellBeing – The God Within: The Day God’s Train Stopped with Patti Cocklin

PATTI CONKLIN, Ph.D., Medical Intuitive, is a “Vibrational Intuitive” with exceedingly rare vision and the unique ability to pull disease out of the physical body. Patti is a lecturer and teacher of vibrational medicine: the method of improving health and wellness through the neutralization of “negative” vibrations in the cells of the body. She is an incredibly sensitive and perceptive individual and a highly sought-after International speaker who shares her exceptional abilities in her workshops and private practice.

In this interview, we discuss her new book, God Within: The Day God’s Train Stopped, a tell-all book that recounts the experiences, visitations, and lessons Patti has been faced with in learning and accepting her mission in this life: “To teach others to become insubstantial without transitioning.”

Patti begins by describing her own health issues that motivated her desire to both heal herself and later, help others. In her early 30s, she developed both forms of lupus and was critically ill. She had a “visitation” involving color. She learned there was an emotional component to her disease, that of lack of self-worth. She asked her body what color she needed to recover and that knowledge helped lead to her current work. She developed a healing process called ColorWork, which involves emotional as well as physical healing. This process can be done in as little as 10 minutes a day for 30-45 days to remove emotions that cause blockage.

Patti shares both some of her spiritual experiences and her response to them. Honoring the guidance she received from God, she now is committed to fulfilling her life’s mission.

Tune it to learn more and visit for additional information.

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Hope, Healing and WellBeing – I Chose Hope with Nikki Abramson

Nikki Abramson is a Korean-American adoptee who lives with several rare and serious illnesses and disabilities. Despite these and other challenges, she also is a performer, motivational speaker, life coach, and teaching artist of acting, improv, and choreography. In this interview, we discuss her new book, I Chose Hope: Overcoming Challenges with Faith and Hope. In her inspirational autobiography, she discusses her medical challenges, disabilities, and other struggles and how her faith, positive attitude and determination to help others enable her to live as fully as possible. Though her company, Renew Hope, LLC and her book, Nikki offers hope to anyone going through their own difficult situations.

For more information, please visit

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Hope, Healing and WellBeing Show – Faith Wave: I Think… Therefore It Is with Peter Baksa

Author, journalist, master life coach Peter Baksa has traveled the world collecting scientific research and life experiences that lead to the development of a technological model that illustrates how humans manifest their reality. Now he is sharing his insights to help others discover how they can begin to hone in on their desires, set an intention and declare a set of behaviors that are in alignment. Baksa asserts that we must detach from the intention and allow the same source energy that creates worlds from nothingness – to help organize and attract all the needed ingredients allowing said desire to become manifest. His book, Faith Wave: I Think… Therefore I Am discusses the connection between science, religion and manifestation.
Peter’s research involved developing a list of all the major religions including their major precepts, going back about 5000 years, and summarizing what they can teach us. His research on brains revealed how a thought is an electrical impulse and our reality is a manifestation of those thoughts. Richard Davidson at Madison University discovered there is a correlation between brain wave frequency and the consciousness of an individual.

Peter says “The number problem we have is separation between spirit and ego.” We are spiritual beings. Ego is a fear based perspective, when we are afraid of losing something. In spirit, you realize that you are here to evolve as a spiritual being. We often get stuck in our ego and can become very fearful and depressed. From a spiritual perspective, it helps to become more open, humble and gracious. If you can come to a life situation with those three traits, you can rise out of a bad situation.
He discusses three steps for becoming more successful: Intend, declare and detach. Peter also recommends: 1. observe your thoughts, 2. redefine your idea of success and what you desire. 3 behave your way to success.

For more information please visit

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Hope, Healing and WellBeing – Lead with Your Heart with Regina Cates

Regina Cates’s commitment to helping people awaken to lives of limitless possibility began in 2004 after a long, painful journey to unshackle her own life. The company she co-founded, Romancing Your Soul, is now a the source of inspiration for hundreds of thousands of people all over the globe. Her work enables her to fulfill her mission: helping people connect to and lead with their heart. In this interview, she discusses her first book, Lead with Your Heart: Creating a Life of Love, Compassion and Purpose. Her book contains a four step process for creating successful relationships with oneself and others. One of the most important aspects of relationships with others is shared values. Boundaries with both ourselves and others are also crucial, beginning with defining what is acceptable behavior for both parties within the relationship.

Regina discusses the importance of heeding our intuition, in part by shutting off the distracting inner messages of our minds. She believes “Faith is listening to the higher wiser part that is in each one of us” and that “we are spiritual beings on great adventures.” She recommends paying attention to what’s most important rather than multitasking.

It’s important to express gratitude for both positive and negative experiences. Regina explains how to find things to be grateful for, even in the midst of our worst experiences, by looking for the light at the end of the tunnel. Make a list of everything that’s going right despite whatever pain we are experiencing, including the little things. “What we focus on, we create more of.” She recommends asking ourselves hard questions to know what we need to change and discover what is going right so we can love ourselves even more.

For more information, please visit

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Hope, Healing and WellBeing Show – Never Give Up: Breaking the Connection between Stress and Illness with Alex Acker-Halbur

Alexis Acker-Halbur has survived cancer and diabetes, loss, childhood abuse, rape and sexual exploitation. Her book, Never Give Up: Break the Connection Between Stress and Illness provides stories and tools for making meaning out of life’s events. Alex has her master’s degree in writing and is a communications and writing professional. In her career, she has worked in the health care, financial and retail fields. She volunteers at Well Within, a nonprofit holistic wellness resource center, and currently serves on their board of directors.

Alex begins by describing the Never Give Up program she currently offers monthly at Well Within, a program that helps people deal with various loss and stressful situations. Over 20,000 studies show that stress weakens our immune system and contribute to over 2/3 of visits to physician offices. After enduring much stress, loss and challenges in her own life, Alex had a dream that helped her understand the connection between these events and her various illnesses, including a recurrence of stage four colon cancer.

She then shares the traumatic effects of enduring sexual and physical violence, including as a child. While being treated for colon cancer, she had two near-death experiences that affirmed her faith and provided comfort during that frightening time in her life. She is now committed to helping others deal with their own life challenges and shares some of her favorite coping techniques.

For more information, please visit

NOTE: Alex will give a presentation at Hope in Motion, a 5K Walk/Run to celebrate National Cancer Survivor Day on June 1, 2014 and provide funding for Well Within. To participate or donate to Well Within, please visit, Hope in Motion. Please check the box to direct your donations to Well Within and/or join our team.

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Hope, Healing and WellBeing Show– The Relationship between Positive Thinking and Hope

Download Episode

This week’s show is a continuation of a conversation with Dr. Swarj Kaur, this time as a discussion of hope and positive thinking. Dr. Swaraj Kaur, Ph.D., CEO and President of Dr. Kaur’s Wellness Solutions, is a certified holistic practitioner with over 25 years of experience as scientist and entrepreneur. With doctorates in biochemistry and naturopathy, she has published and presented her work in various scientific communities, including national and international symposiums

She begins by defining what “hope” means to her: “Hope is when you are looking from your heart for something, versus expectation.” When we have hope, we look for something better. When someone is sick, his or her mind tends to get analytical and focus on what’s wrong. But hope brings positive energy, enabling us to discover that “everything has a solution,” and be open to new things that are always coming our way. Everything around us has consciousness so when we send out positive vibrations, including hope, then we are sending those vibrations to whole universe, which returns that positive energy back to us and strengthens our thought process.

For more information, please visit


CALLING ALL CANCER SURVIVORS AND THEIR LOVED ONES!  If you live near the Twin Cities, MN, please join us to celebrate National Cancer Survivors on June 1 at the Hope in Motion 5K Walk/Run!   This event will also provide funding to support Well Within, a nonprofit holistic center in Woodbury MN. To participate or donate to Well Within, please visit, Hope in MotionPlease check the box to direct your donations to Well Within and/or join our team. If you can’t attend and would like to help cancer survivors and Well Within, we welcome donations via my personal fundraising page:


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