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Meant to Be Miracles: A Whisper from Ireland

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Recently I wrote about the still small voice that nearly shouted a lifesaving message, warning me to get out of my boyfriend’s a car just before it was hit by drunk driver, nearly 42 years ago. Last week, the voice was just a whisper, encouraging me to leave a Zumba class five minutes before it ended. After many years of heeding these inner messages, I now try (although not always successfully) to obey it despite not knowing the meaning of the nudge. As I entered the locker room at my local “Y,” I wondered why my intuition compelled me to leave before cooling down at the end of the class. My husband Dan was spending a few days in our beloved Ireland before a business trip to London,so I thought maybe he was trying to reach me. As I reached into my locker to remove my purse, my cell phone rang. Seeing his familiar number on the caller ID, I answered with “It’s happened again, Dan. Just when I was thinking about you, your call came in.” When I explained how I’d left class early, he laughed and teased me for “getting inside his head” once again. This was a minor meant to be moment, nothing dramatic. I’m not sure if the whisper was really from Dan in Ireland, or a gentle nudge from the Divine. But every time my intuition proves to be accurate, it’s another reminder to continue paying attention to the still small voice within me.

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