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Speaking Events from 2009


  • January 31, Healthy Life, Expo, Minneapolis Convention Center


  • March 9: Spiritual Self Care: Nourishing Our Spirits During Stressful Times, Brain Tumor Support Group, United Hospital, St. Paul, MN.
  • March 10: Presentation at Well Within for Occupational therapists
  • March 19: Thin Places Presentation, STA/Vis Mother’s Morning of Prayer, Visitation Convent, Mendota Heights MN
  • March 23: Becoming Well Within: A Retreat to Help Reduce Stress and Anxiety and Foster Healing at WomanWell, St. Paul. 9:30am-3:30pm. For more information, please visit www.womanwell.org or call: 651-739-7953.
  • March 28: Well Within Outreach Program: Strangers No More/Stress Reduction Retreat: Incarnation Church, Minneapolis


  •  April 15: HealthEast Breast Cancer Survivor Support Group, 5:30pm
  • April 17: Stress Reduction Retreat: Holy Rosary Parish 9:30-2pm (offered in English and Spanish)


  • May 2: Retreat for Befriender Volunteers: Spiritual Self-Care:, St. Michael’s Church, Stillwater, MN, 8:30am-1pm
  • May 6: Presentation: for Birthright Volunteers: Thin Places, Visitation Monestary, Mendota Heights, MN, 7:15pm
  • May 13: Meant to Be:Do Things Really Happen for a Reason?, Madonna Dinner, Nativity Church, St. Paul

AUGUST, 2009:

  •  August 25: Integrative Healing Cancer Support Group for Women at Well Within: 2-3:30pm (for more info see www.wellwithin.org or call 651-451-3113, wellwithin1@gmail.com) , FREE


  • September 8, 22: IH Women’s Cancer Support group at Well Within: 2-3:30pm, FREE
  • September 17: Becoming Well Within: Retreat to Reduce Stress and Foster Healing at Well Within, 9:30am-4:30m, $75, inc. lunch. Call 651-451-3113 or wellwithin1@gmail.com to register


  • October 3: Breast Cancer Awareness Association Conference
  • Oct. 13 & 27: IH Women’s Cancer support group at Well Within: 2-3:30pm, FREE
  • October 20-Nov. 24: 6 Session Life Enrichment Coaching Circle Series, at Well Within: Session 1: retreat: 9am-noon , Sessions 2-6: Oct. 27- Nov. 24, 10-11:30am. To register: 651-451-3113, wellwithin1@gmail.com.
  • October 20: Gianna Homes Staff retreat: Mind/body Skills for Stress reduction
  • October 27: Minnesota Oncology & Hemotology: Mind, Body Skills Presentation, 1-3pm


  • Nov. 9: Midwest Worksite Health Promotion Conference: Meant to Be: Do Things Really Happen for a Reason?
  • Novmber 10, 24: IH Women’s Cancer Support Group at Well Within: 2-3:30pm, FREE
  • November 12, 19: Meant to Be: Do Things Really Happen for a Reason, 2 Sessions, Wisdom Ways,
    To register: 651-696-2788 or wisdomways@csjstpaul.org
  • Nov. 20 & 27: Listen to Mary’s first interview as host of the new Well Within radio show, on VoiceAmerica, the world’s largest internet radio network, 8am & 8pm CT. Topic: What to Use and When: Integrative or Conventional Medicine or Both? Guests: Bill Manahan, MD and Pat Cullitan, MA, LAc


  • Dec. 4: Well Within Radio show at 8am & 8pm CT. Topic: The Healing Power of Nature: Plants, Minerals, Animals and More Guests: Helen Healy, ND and Bill Benda, MD
  • December 6: Spiritual Self-Care: Nourishing Our Spirit and Helping Others Do So, Too, NHPCO’s 6th National Conference on Volunteerism and Family Caregiving, Lake Buena Vista, FL
  • Dec. 11 & 25: Well Within Radio show at 8 am & 8pm CT: Topic: A Holistic Approach to Depression and Anxiety, Guest: Henry Emmons, MD
  • Dec. 18 & Jan. 1: Well Within Radio Show at 8 am & 8pm CT. Topic: Taking Charge of Your Health Guests: Mary Jo Kreitzer, PhD and Karen Lawson, MD
  • December 2, 22: IH Women’s Cancer Support Group at Well Within: 2-3:30pm, FREE

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