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Meant to Be Miracles: A Whisper from Ireland

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Recently I wrote about the still small voice that nearly shouted a lifesaving message, warning me to get out of my boyfriend’s a car just before it was hit by drunk driver, nearly 42 years ago. Last week, the voice was just a whisper, encouraging me to leave a Zumba class five minutes before it ended. After many years of heeding these inner messages, I now try (although not always successfully) to obey it despite not knowing the meaning of the nudge. As I entered the locker room at my local “Y,” I wondered why my intuition compelled me to leave before cooling down at the end of the class. My husband Dan was spending a few days in our beloved Ireland before a business trip to London,so I thought maybe he was trying to reach me. As I reached into my locker to remove my purse, my cell phone rang. Seeing his familiar number on the caller ID, I answered with “It’s happened again, Dan. Just when I was thinking about you, your call came in.” When I explained how I’d left class early, he laughed and teased me for “getting inside his head” once again. This was a minor meant to be moment, nothing dramatic. I’m not sure if the whisper was really from Dan in Ireland, or a gentle nudge from the Divine. But every time my intuition proves to be accurate, it’s another reminder to continue paying attention to the still small voice within me.

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Meant to Be Miracles: Remembering the still small voice that saved our lives

There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle.   The other is as though everything is a miracle.                     — Albert Einstein

As a writer, I’m often asked if I have a blog. Until today, I said something like, “No, but my radio show is like a blog for me, as an extrovert who struggles with the solitary process of writing.” But now that I have more time to enjoy writing, I’m excited to have created this “real” blog. Many people write blog posts, then use them to create a book.  I guess I’m doing this backwards. I’ve nearly completed my second book, tentatively titled Meant to Be: Do Things Really Happen for a Reason?, and look forward to sharing some of the 55 stories contained in it here.

The first time I observed a “meant to be” experience, I was eighteen years old.  Parked outside my parents’ home in my boyfriend’s car, Dan and I were chatting and, well, “making out.” We were having such a good time that when I heard an inner voice say “Get out of the car,” I refused to listen to it. It spoke again, this time so urgently I had to obey: “Get out of the car NOW!”   When I told Dan we had to go inside, he asked why. I didn’t want to tell him I’d heard a voice in my head. Instead, I replied, “I don’t know why. We just have to get out of the car.”

Less than five minutes later, we were taking off our coats in the front hall of my house. Suddenly, there was a loud crash. Racing to the window to see what happened, we then ran outside to check on the driver who had just rammed a beat up green Ford into the back of Dan’s rusted Buick, which now blocked the sidewalk adjoining the neighbor’s yard.  A young man, no older than us, staggered out of the car, dazed and drunk, but unhurt. Later, Dan (now my husband of nearly 40 years) and I realized that had I not responded to the mental warning, both of us likely would have been injured or perhaps killed.

At the time I wondered how I could be so smart, telling myself to get out of the car and thus saving our lives. It never crossed my mind that it might be a message from the Divine or from the guardian angel my mother asked to take care of her ten children every day.  But over the years, as I began to question my parents’ strong faith and wondered whether there really was a loving God, I remembered hearing the still small voice. I realized it was no accident it spoke just before Dan’s car was destroyed.  The meant to be message became the first time I experienced a “thin place,” when the veil is very thin between this world and the next one. Since that long ago event, I’ve heard and observed hundreds–maybe thousands–of meant to be incidents. Some are dramatic miracles, others everyday ones, each a reminder of God’s presence in our daily lives. I look forward to sharing these stories and anecdotes here. And I invite you to share your own “meant to be” and “thin place” stories with me, either as a comment below or, for long ones, please email me at mary@marytreacyokeefe.com.



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