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A Meant to Be Miracle Comforts My Family

                                 Where there is great Love there are always Miracles        Willa Cather

Eleven years ago today, on May 1 2002, my mother died. She developed a sudden infection that took her life less than three months after my father succumbed to lung cancer. The loss of both our parents was devastating to my nine siblings and me. Yet a series of meant to be miracles I now call “thin places” provided comforting reassurance that our parents were reunited with each other, and also were spiritually connected to all of us. In my first book, Thin Places: Where Faith is Affirmed and Hope Dwells, I wrote about one of the most significant thin place signs that occurred two days after mom died.

On May 3, my brother Peter was going through photos and memorabilia, as were all of us, to put together collage posters for mom’s wake.  He found a birthday card, which mom had mailed to Dad for his 30th birthday on May 5, 1959.  None of us had seen the card before and that it had survived a fire which destroyed my parents’ home in 1987 was a miracle in itself. Check this link to see the card:  5 1 13 mom’s birthday card to dad 1959.

Dad had moved to Minnesota with my two younger brothers, while mom remained in Phoenix, with my two sisters and me, until she sold our family home there. As you can see from the card, she wrote:

My dearest,

I hope this will be your last birthday that we can’t spend together. I love  you darling, so very much.


Dad died on Feb. 6, 2002.  Mom’s wake was on May 5, what would have been Dad’s 75th birthday.  They never did spend another of his birthdays apart.  I shared this story during the eulogy at my mother’s funeral. It’s a meant to be/thin place story that has not only comforted our family, but, I’m told, many others who have lost loved ones. Please feel free to share it with others.

Rest in peace, dear mom.

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